How to Teach Kids Good Eating Habits



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You can teach your child healthy habits early. By giving the big picture on food (through education and Cultivating a Garden together), your child will learn about Nutrition and good health - not just what "tastes good".

Kids take their cues from parents. So it important to demonstrate self-control and good eating habits - it is helpful to include your child in the Food Prep and cooking. Also, when it comes time for birthdays & cake why NOT create a cake that's healthier (meaning no refined sugar). The dangers of sugar are many, and you'd do your child a favor to educate him and demonstrate EARLY the right food choices

Remember - sugary foods are a hazard and can lead to Juvenile Diabetes.

Every chance you can, encourage him to eat healthy. Explain to him that fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain bread and pasta, fish and chicken, lean meat and low-fat dairy products provide vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy carbs. Teach your kids about FRESH herbs, and Grow a garden if you have the space.

Have you cooked with your kids this week? It might be fun.

Prepare and cook foods together. You of course handle things like sharp knives, food processors. Let them measure the ingredients.

Each time yr kids make a healthy food choice, lavish praise upon them. You don't have to pamper kids with sugary foods like brownies, puddings & cookies.

Another Idea: have your kids earn special rewards like movie tickets or a new electronic game, or a visit to a sporting event. Keep your kids involved, so they won't SIT around and think about food snacks. Also, you can play games that emphasize healthy food choices.