Food Groups for Kids: Why Not Sing-Along?



Loading... - VISIT For Kids video on Learning Safety in the Kitchen

This fun video covers the 5 food groups for kids; from cottage cheese and dairy to healthy fruits & healthy vegetables; from whole grains to lean meats. It is important to get your kids acclimated to the kitchen ASAP. Your young children can begin measuring out ingredients, and the older ones can actually cook - as long as they have your supervision, and are taught carefully & correctly.

And having a garden - where kids can have the THRILL of growing their own food and "seeing it come to fruition" - will encourage them to try new foods, like healthy vegetables and healthy fruits.

Get your "healthy eating children" attuned to each of the 5 food groups early on - use worksheets and board games, and apps to help them learn and be excited about the whole process.

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