What is the Leading Cause of Foodborne Illness: Types of FOOD Poisoning



What is the Leading Cause of Foodborne Illness?

This is an animated film by WHO (World Health Organization) - It is "Five Keys to Safer Food", and was produced to help educate the general public on good Food Safety practices to encourage their practice in the home.

The Five Keys to prevent cross contamination and Foodborne Illness are:

Pathogenic microorganisms - such as Salmonella, Botulism, E.Coli, and Trichinella are "types of food poisoning" and are preventable; as laid out by the WHO, the 5 tips are:

Separate Raw & Cooked Foods to Prevent Cross-Contamination, Cook thoroughly to kill microorganisms, Keep food at SAFE temperatures (either Hot or Cold), Use Safe water & Safe raw materials to avoid contamination; and of course WASH your hands thoroughly and OFTEN with hot water and soap.

Safer Food is a WHO global health message that everybody should know all over the world to prevent foodborne diseases and improve health. WHO chose food safety to be the theme of World Health Day 2015.

More information: http://who.int/campaigns/world-health-day/2015/event/en/